Access ATVs are called Shadow. With its European sales partner, however, the brand emerges from the shadows. What we find on offer is fun. Vehicles for everyone and every purpose. The 850 is even good for double the fun.

Nowadays, Access is also Access. It reads strange, but the manufacturer has not been around for long as an independent brand. Only since Michael Leeb Trading GmbH from St. Veit an der Glan in Austria took care of sales in Europe. From there, the latest vehicle creations with fresh, exciting designs reach us. We have already had several opportunities to drive ATVs and quads out of the house and introduce them to you. We have seen one or the other vehicle before. However, under different names and with smaller cubic capacities. Michael Leeb immediately added the facelifted ATVs to the portfolio.

This applies in particular to the Shade Xtreme 850 L, which is now being presented. The new single-cylinder engine has a displacement of around 100 cc more than before, namely 781. Sorry for cheating on a few cubic meters in the name, because the engine works properly at the level specified Class. The Shade Xtreme is also impressive in other ways. Hand guards, winches and ellipsoid headlights immediately catch the eye of the inclined observer. Likewise the pleasing, sporty design. The lockable fuel cap is a nice detail, as is the really well designed, clear digital and analog speedometer. Solid switch units take control of the electronic functions, such as all-wheel drive and differential lock. For new customers, Leeb adds a versatile transport case from its range of accessories. A really smart and functional detail. But that alone is not a purchase argument. The long bench with enough space for one passenger does. Because if you want to be out and about in pairs, the long version of the Xtreme is highly recommended. Passenger or pillion passenger enjoy plenty of seat and legroom and can therefore stand behind the pilot well on longer tours. For this purpose one could only think about a removable backrest.

Sport and play

Why detachable? Quite simply: the agile engine likes to tempt you to sporty driving, although the passenger is naturally somewhat annoying. But if you give the Xtreme its spurs, the single cylinder releases a robust torque and decent power. 59 little horses pull the 330 kilograms forward, coming from the lower speeds. The length of the ATV is hardly noticeable, except that you can absolutely rely on straight-line stability. The four-wheeler reacts very nicely to the steering commands in fast corners and bends – with body-hugging relief on the front section. In trial passages – especially when the back seat is occupied – one would like to have a slightly smaller turning radius in addition to electronic steering assistance. In the slow sections of terrain, you need a lot of strength on the handlebars and agility in the limbs. However, the softly tuned chassis, which was clearly designed for comfort, is able to cope with any situation. The preload of the dampers of the independent suspension is adjustable.

The new 850 is intended as an all-rounder with an SUV character. The ATV has a number of properties for many life situations and areas of application of our hobby. The powerful, controllable motor is outstanding. A lot of comfort on long tours – such as gravel roads in the Alps, and moderate fuel consumption make Access interesting. This ATV is therefore ideally designed for touring. It is in keeping with the spirit of the times and what most buyers want. Set off in a relaxed manner, stroll through country roads and lanes and don’t let yourself be stopped by stretches of field, forest and gravel. The speed range from the “basement” runs through the middle in an easily controllable manner. The initially clearly noticeable liveliness decreases somewhat in the upper area. But with the four-valve engine it quickly moves towards the top speed, which is well over 100 km / h. A large cooler keeps the temperatures moderate in the burner. During rapid load changes, the motor “chokes” itself every now and then without, however, noticeably losing performance.

What you just do

The lush ground clearance is due to the slightly raised seating position that takes a bit of getting used to. But the comfort increases with every kilometer of familiarization. The independent wheel suspension lures into the terrain, where the Xtreme remains easy to control. If you are toying with one or the other competition, the short version is recommended. It shares the equipment features with our test machine. We haven’t worked with this ATV yet. But the impression gained here and the trailer load of 720 kilograms allows the conclusion that the Access will also be able to cope with this. Finally, she can be approved as a LoF. Although she is not necessarily at home in the world of work. It’s good that Michael Leeb Trading GmbH has models up its sleeve here too.

On our tour we reach a steep descent in the forest. A visual challenge alone for the higher seated passenger. But there is no pinching and so the ATV crew glides down over the hilltop. The electronic engine brake kicks in early and holds the load back quite well. The four hydraulic disc brakes do a great job, with a clear pressure point that is easy to define. In the opposite direction, the driver has to bravely go to work and press the gas thumb. There is steam and freedom of movement too, despite the passenger, who rocks the stern a little. But nothing to worry about.

Let’s summarize

Top equipment, good driving characteristics, great optics, LoF approval and a fair price speak for the overall package that Leeb has put together here. Boss Michael Leeb recently announced that he would take the Access brand even further and bring new vehicles and ideas to the market. In the Xtreme class, he already has a hot iron in the fire, which casts its shadow – shadow – ahead and can bring movement to the market. The two test drivers always had fun. And that’s what matters, right?

Text and photos: Ralf Wilke

Technical data: Access Shade Xtreme 850 L

Engine: single-cylinder 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, displacement: 781 ccm, power: 43 kW / 59 PS, fuel supply: electronic injection, starting system: electric, gearbox: CVT automatic, LHNR, drive: 4 × 4, cardan, wheel suspension: front Double wishbones, IRS independent wheel suspension at the rear, brakes: 2 hydraulic discs at the front, 2 hydraulic discs at the rear, tires: front 25 × 8-12, rear 25 × 10-12, dimensions: length 2,390 mm, width 1,200 mm, height 1,252 mm, Wheelbase 1,440 mm, ground clearance 300 mm, weight: 344 kg, tank capacity: 21 liters, color: black, white, warranty: 2 years

Price: 7,499 euros (excluding additional costs, including VAT)

Michael Leeb Trading GmbH, Hunnenbrunn / Gewerbezone 18, A-9300 St. Veit an der Glan, Tel .: +43 (0) 421 248 248-0,



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