New quads have become rare. You have to look for good entry-level models with a magnifying glass. Especially for the growing offspring. Polaris brings the Phoenix back into play for the youth.

Used: often they are rocked and ridden down. Or cubic capacity not very suitable for the quad novice. Most of the time, both are true, if you are looking for a cheap, mobile base for the kids. Especially for those who may not have racing ambitions, but have grown so much that a children’s quad is no longer an option. Buy a new quad? Yes, definitely, but which one? The manufacturers are not running into us with new releases in the 4 × 2 sector, let alone in the youth sector.

The “little one” has existed before

A few years ago, when entry-level quads started at 150 cc, Polaris, as a premium manufacturer, sent the Phoenix 200 into the race for the favor of customers. As is customary to this day, Asian products were also often used in this market segment. A 200 Aeon was quickly relabeled and sold by or as a Polaris. In the course of the model update, the appearance and the area of ​​application were changed. The stylish vehicle in gray is offered to young people nowadays. At that time it was also available with approval. As usual, the beginner comes without a lot of frills. Selector switch, a few indicator lights, headlights – done. Forward, neutral and backward can be selected as the speed level. There is tidiness under the bench because apart from the easily accessible air filter and the battery there isn’t much to discover. Simple. The air-cooled engine with 198 cc is started electrically. Just in case, we find a mountable kick starter in the rear that easily stimulates the unit to work even when the charge level is low. The designers tickled eight kW – almost eleven hp – out of the single cylinder. Not bad for the aspiring youth, not bad for the concerned parent because performance can be limited. The power is transferred to the rear axle via a cardan in a maintenance-friendly manner. Overall, the engine is very frugal and almost maintenance-free or even indestructible. Fuel in, change oil regularly, clean air filter. No more maintenance is required. Two disc brakes at the front slow down the journey, while a drum brake works at the rear. In view of the intended use, this is completely okay, as the little one with its 188 kilograms reliably comes to a standstill.

Unsurprisingly, the shock absorbers can only be adjusted in terms of their preload. On the front axle – suspended from double A-arms – they offer 17.8 centimeters of spring travel, the mono damper on the swing arm offers 16.5 centimeters. The set-up in the series is somewhat tough. Grippy running boards give the driver sufficient support. The quad is suitable for an age group from around 12 to 14 years. Drivers with a height of 1.40 to about 1.75 m are quite well served with this quad, above it it looks a bit clumsy on the way. The driver has to stretch a little below this. The controls are easily accessible, nothing wobbles or bucks. The steering is quite stiff at low speed, which is okay and gives good control at increasing speed.

It starts

Choosing the speed levels with the automatic CVT is completely uncomplicated. Engaging gear and accelerating, the solid engine takes up its work and gives the vehicle moderate but noticeable propulsion. Up to about 40 km / h even quite lively, above it he sucks steadily towards Vmax, which is around 60 km / h. At the end of the speed range, the four-stroke engine hums in the high range, but without having to worry about its survival. In the terrain it is enough for a ride over forest and field paths. So Junior can follow the head of the family quite well in the offroad park. In deeper furrows and loose soil, only skillful physical exertion will help, but at some point the drive ends in the difficult terrain. The Phoenix finds it extremely difficult on sandy ground. But we don’t want to put too much of it on the “moped”. A low center of gravity and a lot of freedom of movement speak for the quad. You can swing the machine around the tightest corners without any problems. Never forget that we are sitting on a quad that should inspire beginners. The little one is even fun on the MX slope, as long as the intention to win races or to be the fastest in training is in the background.

Who knows, maybe we can still inspect the Phoenix with a T-3b approval as an EU tractor. Because for the frugal leisure or city driver, the quad would be a great replacement for scooters or suitable for rental stations. At the moment we can only find the 200 in the “Youth” section of the Polaris website and in the brochures. And that is perhaps perfect for the Phoenix 200, as it is, as described, a no-frills quad that does not require any extras. Rather, you can count on the simple, solid technology, the little one is unlikely to let his driver down. The investment is limited, the running costs are extremely low and the depreciation is practically zero!

With a purchase price of 4,190 euros, you really don’t have to worry about the aforementioned clunkers on the used market. The Polaris dealer not only gives you a nice quad bike for the amount, but also a helmet and an instructional DVD. Let the party go!

Text: Maurice van Oosten; Ralf Wilke

Photos: Andrew Walkinshaw

Polaris Phoenix 200

Engine: single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, displacement: 196 ccm, power: 8 kW / 10.8 PS, fuel supply: carburetor, start system: electric, gearbox: PVT automatic, F / N / R, drive: 4 × 2 , Cardan, wheel suspension: front A-arms, rear swing arm, brakes: front 2 hydraulic discs, rear 1 drum brake, tires: front 21 × 7-10, rear 20 × 10-9, dimensions: length 1,651 mm, width 1,067 mm, Height 1,067 mm, wheelbase 1,143 mm, ground clearance 145 mm, weight: 188 kg, tank capacity: 9.5 liters, color: gray, guarantee: 2 years

Price: from 4,190 euros

Polaris Germany GmbH, Schöneweibergasse 102, 64347 Griesheim, Tel. +49 (0) 6155/8875810,

Magazine article 05/2018


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