Carlisle delivers a new tire for ATVs and UTVs again. Its specific area of ​​application are paved paths and asphalted roads. In the test, however, the tire turns out to be a versatile all-rounder.

The Premuin manufacturer is leading the way: “Our Pavemaster was developed for those who are looking for a radial tire that offers stability when driving on asphalt and hard surfaces,” says Todd Hinson, the Powersports Product Manager on the new release. Its specially developed profile center zone ensures perfect stability on asphalt and hard surfaces. In rural areas, a number of dirt roads are asphalted or otherwise paved, which we often encounter on a tour. But the ATV driver also wants to move beyond that and not have to turn on softer surfaces, fail or even constantly change tires. That is why the designers also ensured sufficient off-road traction in addition to the on-road properties. The result is a directional radial tread pattern that offers a responsive, smooth and quiet ride on hard surfaces, as well as good traction and cleanliness off-road and in wet conditions. Carlisle also advertises this with the Pavemaster. Large distances between the tread blocks on the rounded tire shoulder and the deep tread also guarantee good traction, driving and steering characteristics as well as self-cleaning on softer soils. This means that the six-ply tire also cuts a fine figure off-road. Here the belt reinforcement protects against punctures.

In practice

One might think of neither fish nor meat. Because mostly ATV tires stand out in one area, on the other hand there are disadvantages, but at least compromises have to be accepted. So if a tire is explicitly advertised as an all-rounder, skepticism is appropriate. According to our understanding, the Pavemaster should be able to do at least a little bit of everything without completely failing in one area. We therefore mounted it on all four wheels of a CFMoto CForce 520. And in their original size, as the standard tires have – 25×8-12 at the front and 25×10-12 at the rear. The Pavemasters have a wide footprint and appear wider than the sizing would suggest. They suit the vehicle quite well.

Let’s go. Our test vehicle is used in everyday life and often has to be used for tours and trips. So let’s start with the main area of ​​application mentioned at the beginning: on the road, the low rolling noise is a positive thing. The tire offers good traction on dry asphalt, with sufficient grip even in corners and under heavy deceleration. This creates a safe driving experience. On the other hand, when driving in the wet and with sporty driving behavior, the tires sometimes feel spongy and lose grip. The driver has to adapt to this, but always remains in control.

He can do more than you think

The Pavemaster surprised us in the terrain. Here the lugs grip quite well and the mentioned traction support through the tire shoulder proves to be effective. The lateral support in ruts is really very good. On loose ground, our stew stays on track and under control with well-dosed gas. In soft terrain, our test driver had to apply a little more steering effort than with mud tires, for example. Similar effects can be observed on wet meadows as on wet asphalt. Overall, the tire has hardly any disadvantages compared to “real” off-road tires in dry weather.

Such weather also prevailed during a test drive with a trailer. During a timber transport, the Pavemaster should show its grip again. To complicate matters, the ATV had to tow the trailer up a slope. So, four-wheel drive in and off you go. There was only a little momentum that we could take with us, starting from a standing start. Together with the technical possibilities of the towing vehicle, the studs quickly find a hold on the ground. Again, it is the tire shoulders that support progress on the ramp at the edges of the chosen lane. At the same point it goes down later with a loaded trailer. With an experienced pilot nothing slips here. With the load up again, apart from a little more dosage on the thumb throttle and less speed, no difference can be registered.


A Pavemaster is recommended for all those who are on the move in mixed use and want or even have to complete longer sections on the road. Everyday, for example, to work, at the weekend to the off-road park. In the off-road area, the tire grip is good, both in the dry and on soft ground.

Text & photos: Ralf Wilke, Maximilian Bickschäfer


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