Final MAXXIS REIFEN German DMV Shorttrack Quad Championship Diedenbergen

Photos: K. Goffelmeyer

In most classes, before the eighth and final run of the MAXXIS REIFEN German DMV Shorttrack Quad Championship on September 29th in Diedenbergen, there was already “clear ship” in terms of championship ambitions and top placings. Not so in the speed kart class.

Peter Heussner, Ingo Dutineè and Maurice Meyer all three still had the chance to become champions. Heussner and Dutineè were even tied at the top of the table. The heats were dominated by other drivers: Markus Tork won twice; As in Neuenhasslau, Maurice Meyer won all three preliminary runs in an outstanding manner. Peter Heussner faltered: Was it the nerves or a lack of performance on the kart? The Kerspenhausener came third three times and only landed in the 9-participant field in the B final! The title defense was over! Meyer, Tork, Duttineè and guest driver Andreas Klaus were in the A final.

Meyer drove forward and won the day ahead of Duttineè, Tork and Klaus. Ingo Duttineè but the 8 championship points in Diedenbergen were enough to win the title with 6 points ahead of Meyer; Peter Heussner was passed through to third place.

The quad classes were no less exciting. In the automatic class, Susana Lopez had a technical failure, whereupon her daughter Vivian Obermüller was able to take the day’s victory. Susana won the championship title in class 1 ahead of Vivian; Conny Kraft (3rd) was no longer in Diedenbergen. Unfortunately, the former speedway driver Sönke Petersen was unable to make his guest start because the rental quad that was initially promised was not available to him.

In the rookies class, 13-year-old Simon Bonkowski was unrivaled this season. In Diedenbergen he won against guest driver Marlon Dreier; the championship title had long been certain for the Felsberger.

In class 3, Stephan Bischoff was already established as the new and old master before the race; the Angenröder celebrated the title with his seventh win of the day, whereby he had to let his club colleague Matthias Hahnke go in the third run. Hahnke finished second in Diedenbergen, as in the championship, ahead of Christian Bonkowski and Dietmar Ziegler.

Bischoff also dominated the MEFO sports class once more: with four race wins, he took the double victory and the second championship title. Except in Ludwigslust he won all races and Christian Bonkowski was runner-up; but in Diedenbergen luck was once again not on his side. Several lathe operators, including one in the interior, only brought him fourth place on the day behind Niklas Staufenberg and Achim Metzger, who was third on the day. Paddy Thorne completed the field – the 80-year-old finished the championship in 4th place!

Fortunately, five kids rolled to the start in the school class: Leon Joel Ziegler was healthy again and Finn-Luca Ries from Homberg / Ohm started for the first time on a racetrack. And the day’s victory did not go to serial winner Chantal Wagner, who once again had technical problems, but to Justin Reichmann. The Scotsman was tied with Chantal in the end, but since he had won the last run, the day’s victory went to Reichmann ahead of Chantal, Felix Schulze and Leon Ziegler. Chantal won her third championship title ahead of Reichmann, Schulze and Ziegler.

In the youth class there was the eighth Marvin Schulze – Marlon Dreier duel. For the third time, Marlon Dreier from MSC Neuenhasslau was the winner, but of course the driver from MSC Diedenbergen had the youth championship title in his pocket long before this race.

The race in the Rhein-Main-Stadion, organized by MSC Diedenbergen, ended shortly before 4 p.m. and there was no accident at all. Afterwards, the day’s victories and championship titles were celebrated in the festival tent and the MSC continued celebrating on Sunday, because MSC Diedenbergen was 60 years old this year.

But the season is not quite over yet: On Tuesday, October 2nd and Wednesday, October 3rd, there will be a trial training session in Diedenbergen for beginners who want to try a racing quad or a speed kart. All information about it HERE

The celebratory championship ceremony for the MAXXIS REIFEN German DMV Shorttrack Quad Championship will take place on Saturday, November 3rd (7:00 pm) in the Friedrich-Hofacker-Halle in Hasselroth-Niedermittlau. Admission is free.

All the final results of the 2018 season can be found HERE


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