For the still young German brand Viamontis Premium-Autopflege from Bad Wiessee, vehicle care is more than just an interchangeable business: It is a real childhood sweetheart.

Even as teenagers, managing directors Nikolai Kulterer and Tim Julian Winters were passionate about washing their families’ cars and those of visiting guests. Against this background, not only convincing cleaning agents made in Germany are created today, but also the perfect utensils for all car enthusiasts. For the perfect start to the new 2022 care season, the brand has developed what is probably the most absorbent, best processed and most durable car drying towel in the world: the “Drying Towel 2.0”.

Whether hand care or car wash: If you want to enjoy your freshly cleaned car for a long time, you should “dry” it down to the last drop of water. “Because moisture acts like a magnet on road dust and pollen,” explains Nikolai Kulterer, Managing Director of Viamontis Premium Car Care. “Hard water also leaves limescale stains when it dries.” So it’s no wonder that there is hardly a washing utensil that is the subject of more debate and argument on social media than car drying towels. These have long outstripped classic chamois leather. According to its own research, the company has developed the most absorbent car drying towel in the world in Germany. The 80×50 cm Max (19.99 euros) “Drying Towel 2.0” holds more than 3.5 liters of water. Even the compact S (9.99 €), measuring just 40 x 40 cm, “swallows” more than a large water bottle (>1.5 litres).

However, the “Drying Towel 2.0” from Viamontis premium car care, available in black, blue and pink as well as in the two sizes mentioned above, has even more to offer. Due to its hand-sewn and extremely high processing quality in every detail, it is of course also suitable for professional car care and of course also for quad, ATV and SxS care.

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