The Bamberg importer Quadix is ​​constantly expanding its range of suitcases. There are models in various sizes and designs for all common ATVs and UTVs.

Now there are new cases for the CFMOTO Touring 625, which can be mounted with quick-release fasteners on the front and rear luggage rack. The “container” has a capacity of 90 liters, is lockable, the quick-release fasteners are included in the scope of delivery for 259 euros. The front case with a capacity of 42 liters is available for 60 euros less. Here, too, locks and quick-release fasteners are included in the price.

The new front canister with a capacity of 21 liters is an absolute novelty that can be delivered immediately. It fits the CForce models 625, 850 and 1000. Red or black cost 129 euros. Also new is the trunk for the new SbS Z1000 with two optional canisters and a capacity of 140 liters. Price: 339.00 euros.

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