BALLISTOL recently expanded its range of cleaners to include a dry cleaner and detailer, thereby getting even deeper into the surface treatment of vehicles.

The new pump spray has been specially developed for gentle express care without additional water and has many properties.

The Ballistol Dry Cleaner & Detailer offers streak-free cleaning and paint care for all types of vehicles and can be used on paint, glass, aluminum, chrome and plastic surfaces. All you need in addition to the pump spray are one, or even better two, microfiber cloths. It removes light and medium soiling such as dirt splashes, pollen, bird droppings, lime and rainwater stains and fingerprints. Slightly soiled or dusty paint can be treated immediately without water. Depending on personal preference, you can choose between dry and wet application. In both cases, clean the paint as usual. For wet application, spray the product directly onto the paint and dry with a microfiber drying cloth. The detailer spreads as it dries. Available as a 750 ml pump spray at an RRP of EUR 19.90.



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