POLO helps with a donation collection of €37,000 for the SOS Children’s Village Ukraine.

From March 10th to 19th, POLO customers were able to donate to children in the Ukraine at the checkout in our almost 90 stores. In total, around 18,400 euros were raised within ten days. The POLO management then doubled the amount to around 37,000 euros. In contrast to the conflict in the Ukraine itself, making donations at POLO was very simple: Regardless of what or how much was bought, an additional donation for the SOS Children’s Village Ukraine could be booked at the checkout.

The proceeds from donations go to the donation program without any deductions, because the lives and well-being of 7.5 million children in Ukraine are at risk. With a donation, POLO and its customers support the acute evacuation of children and families, the provision of emergency accommodation, the supply of food and hygiene items, as well as immediate psychological and medical aid. The money is also used to ensure the education of the children who have fled and to provide medium- and long-term support for the integration of mothers with children who have fled. POLO would like to sincerely thank its customers for the generous donations!

Text & Photo: polo


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