A lot of loading space, but without any organizational possibilities, that is the basic problem of many pickup and van drivers.

Whether for hunting, crafts, leisure or shopping – the vehicles offer a lot of space, but only limited safe storage options for smaller tools, products or the like. A lot of things fly around loose or are stowed away in makeshift boxes. DECKED is unique. While other drawer manufacturers often offer complicated systems made of sheet metal or wood, the surface of DECKED consists of 100% recycled high-strength HDPE plastic.

The construction is so robust that the Americans release an “on-top” payload of 900 kilograms. The surface is extremely easy to clean, which is an important argument for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Incidentally, the drawers themselves can be loaded with 90 kilograms per drawer. The system is weatherproof. Tools can be transported in the drawer system without an additional hardtop or cover. It is also UV stable and can be dismantled in around 25 minutes if necessary. Each DECKED is designed specifically for the vehicle.

Prices from approx. 1699 euros

Distribution via www.taubenreuther.de


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