Ride the full range of ATV and side-by-side vehicles. And that all day long. You just can’t say no to that. The CFMOTO importer KSR Group makes this possible in the Langenaltheim off-road park.

All four-wheeled models that CFMOTO currently has in its range were ready to be driven. After the introductory lap – here in the picture – we were able to move the vehicles as we pleased on the marked circuit. And it snowed too.

New generation

Whether CFFORCE, UFORCE or ZFORCE small to large. We have sat on or in (almost) all CFMOTO models. The manufacturer from the Chinese Hangzhou is called Zhejiang Chunfeng. Short CF Moto. And he has big plans. The future plans expressed at the presentation make this all too clear. Before things really get started with electric – there is already a children’s eQuad model – investments were made in the revision of some models for 2023.

The ATVs CFFORCE 450 and 520 are representative of this. The manufacturer’s ‘New Generation’, so to speak. The ATV at the bottom of the performance curve at CF is the CFORCE 450 model.

CFFORCE 450: Looks aren’t everything

The revised model is more modern and much more pleasing. They claim that not only the design of the plastic parts, but also the platform itself has been completely revised for this model. So the driving experience should be different. Last but not least, an EPS (electric power steering) brings a plus. Especially in off-road use. And the marked circuit in the off-road park was ideal for this.

May the force be with you: full throttle

Longer flat-out sections, endless rough terrain, gravel curves for drifting and small uphill and downhill passages. Everything on gravel garnished with muddy, deep puddles. This reveals very quickly whether the engineers have done a good job.

Super fair. For comparison, the predecessor model of the new 450 series, which is around 1,700 euros cheaper, is available. Differences can be driven out so clearly recognizable. To make it short. There are worlds between the first affordable entry-level model and the new 450.

450 = 400

Note from the Quadjournal editors: Although it is called a 450, you are actually driving a 400 ccm injection engine. But that doesn’t detract from the performance shown.

Whether with a large or small displacement. We put the various chassis through their paces. As far as the localities allow, of course. Here in the picture the 1000 CFORCE.

Significantly more manoeuvrable

The new steering geometry makes the previous model appear as a “tank”. Tight turning radii are effortlessly possible with the New Generation. The electric power steering EPS absorbs many bumps when driving off-road on uneven ground. Regardless of the speed. A wide and high handlebar allows an upright sitting position. Even when standing, the posture is very upright and therefore non-tiring. The same applies to the comfortable seating position.

A few moving driving impressions from the defined circuit at the CFMOTO Offroad Experience in Offroadpark Langenaltheim.

The tuning of the independent wheel suspension at the front and rear is neither too soft nor too stiff. This is shown by the fast lap times. The ATV is in (racing) use for an uninterrupted 40 minutes. Because after the familiarization round, the fun is over. We didn’t even count how many laps there were at the end. There were many. What counted is the noticeably more stable frame of the ATV. The 450 doesn’t even feel unsteady in handling when chasing off-road.

Christmas wish: Even snappier brakes

If you drive fast, you have to be able to rely on brakes that grip well. The four hydraulic disc brakes may not be of the ‘touch and the load is ready’ brand, but they do their job properly.

The all-wheel drive can be switched on. There is a differential lock. The ground clearance is lush. With the trailer hitch that protrudes far to the rear, this CFORCE is also ideally equipped for work. A trailer painter does not demolish the entire license plate holder.

In an upcoming test, we will continue to put the CFORCE 450 to the test. Especially with regard to their driving behavior on the road. This is where most of us are mostly out and about.

Summary CFORCE 450

The CFORCE 450 impressed us with its performance right from the start. The revision with regard to the previous model is not just pure marketing. It actually happened. And grippy off-road tires are also fitted as standard.

LINK CFMOTO CFORCE 450 new generation 2023


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