At BRP, the drivers have always been the focus when it comes to usability, power and vehicle design. Every detail – from capacity and reliability to performance and comfort – is fine-tuned and tested under extreme conditions.

Can-Am’s off-road vehicles are designed for use under extreme conditions, such as on muddy slopes and sandy surfaces. Can-Am is now introducing the new Visco-4Lok for its 2021 model range, currently the most advanced all-wheel drive for ATVs.

The robust Visco-4Lok system is a further development of the Visco-Lok technology from Can-Am. The new system works at the push of a button, with a choice between two-wheel and all-wheel drive. The Visco-4Lok reaches a completely new level – the driver can now activate a 4-wheel drive lock mode, which immediately provides the same power for all four wheels.

“I had the opportunity to test Can-Am’s new Visco-4Lok system in some of the nastiest and muddy mud holes I could find,” said Dustin Jones, Can-Am off-road racer and generally avid fan of “muddy” driving . “I was certainly not overly cautious with this machine and deliberately tried to get stuck in mud holes that I would normally avoid, but if you lock the front differential, it just keeps pulling! You MUST try it! “

The Visco-4Lok can be ordered for two new 2021 models – the Can-Am Outlander X mr 1000R and the Can-Am Renegade X mr 1000R. Can-Am has the right machine and part or accessory to ensure you get the most out of whatever you ask for your vehicle.

For more technical details and product specifications, as well as information about the full range of Can-Am off-road vehicles for the MJ21, visit

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