The Canadian manufacturer has presented its updated trike range for the year 2021 and is targeting new target groups for open-top driving in terms of communication and customer approach. Especially a younger generation of drivers.

BRP and its Can-Am On-Road brand are world leaders in the three-wheeled vehicle market. Last but not least, the success is based on the innovation of rethinking mobility, for example with the Can-Am Ryker. The company focuses on building innovative vehicles that suit different types of drivers and lifestyles.

The Ryker: Made for modern, adventurous people.

The Can-Am on-road vehicle offering includes two core models – the Ryker and the Spyder. The Can-Am Ryker is designed for personalization and accessibility, both in terms of cost and ease of use. It is intended for adventure-loving people who are looking for shorter, more urban tours. The Can-Am Spyder, on the other hand, is designed for riders looking for longer adventures and often driving thousands of kilometers per year. The Can-Am Spyder RT is the pinnacle of comfort for long distance travel.

Comfortable and exclusive: the sea-to-sky version of the Spyder.

And new for 2021 is an exclusive Sea-to-Sky version, a homage to the legendary Sea-to-Sky Highway in British Columbia. It offers more luxury, comfort and convenience in the form of new rims, moldings and emblems for a unique premium look as well as adaptive foam seats that reduce pressure points on longer journeys. The Can-Am Ryker product range has also been fine-tuned for 2021, with a focus on accessories and personalization. Since its launch in 2018, the Can-Am Ryker has been a key catalyst in growing the three-wheeled vehicle industry.

Quadworld ahead: In the next issue we will compare two of the current three-wheelers from Can-Am. We were also on tour with the Ryker as a rally edition and a Spyder RT.

Text: Can-Am, Ralf Wilke
Photos: Can-Am, Frank Meyer



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