Four wins in a row. With its Can-Am off-road vehicles, BRP achieved the fourth victory in a row at the Dakar Rally (2018-2021). The teams with Can-Am vehicles took the first eleven places.

Taken together, the Maverick riders covered more than 183,504 km in an extreme off-road race during this year’s race, another historic achievement.

Francisco López (Chile) and Juan Pablo Latrach Vinagre (Chile) were the first to cross the finish line in both the combined category of light vehicles and the side-by-side class, leading a number of Maverick drivers to the finish line. With a completely new route, the 2021 Dakar Rally, which was held in Saudi Arabia, provided some dramatic moments and constant challenges for everyone – including the eventual winners.

“This is a dream come true and the feeling of winning the toughest race in the world is absolutely exhilarating,” says Francisco López. “It takes a lot of work and preparation to win the Dakar, but it wouldn’t be possible without the right machine: the Can-Am Maverick. This monster literally grew to EVERYTHING and you can really count on it to take on any challenge, whether in the sand, on the rocks or in the mud. The Dakar is about adaptability and the Maverick has the perfect mix of speed, handling and performance to win this rally. “

Available at dealerships around the world, the Maverick SxS 2021 is a proven all-terrain vehicle with remarkable capabilities. The facts after the dust settled at this year’s Dakar Rally:

– First place: Francisco López, Juan Pablo Latrach Vinagre

– Can-Am on the podium for the fourth time in a row (Lightweight Vehicle and SSV Class)

– Top 11 finishers – 24 of 29 finishers drove Can-Am vehicles

– Reliability: 183,504 km of total kilometers traveled by the finishers

“We are very proud to win the rally for the fourth time in a row, because the Dakar is really the toughest race in the world,” said Bernard Guy, Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy at BRP. “To dominate this race, the Maverick must be prepared for any potentially difficult scenario and have the ability to master it. So we plan for the toughest conditions, analyze how our machines react during the twelve days, and then put these findings into practice in the further development of our entire product range. At the end of the day, everything we do is aimed at improving our drivers’ experience. “

These results were made possible by the team effort of South Racing Can-Am, who made sure that everything needed was available for the more than 30 Can-Am Maverick drivers on site – from the mechanics to logistics to catering. How powerful the vehicle is was shown by the fact that several drivers stayed within striking distance of the overall lead up to the last stages.

Press release BRP from January 20th, 2021



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