Shopping on the Internet is booming. Shopping from the sofa is experiencing an upswing, and not just because of the corona pandemic.

There are also the convenient selection and payment options of good web shops. Quadix from Bamberg also operates one of these. The busy importer of the ATVs from STELS and Linhai as well as the popular buggies has topped up again online. The team around boss Jörg Braun has been offering a suitcase finder for a long time, which enables anyone interested to access exactly their suitcase for their vehicle. There is really no four-wheeler left without transport space. However, all spare parts and accessories for the Quadix vehicle portfolio can also be found. Including a link to the STELS parts shop, the first in Europe. Anyone who browses is sure to find what they are looking for and can even get a five percent discount using the code “quadwelt”.

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