Now there is paint! Instead of tile. Bring it on is a hard-wearing do-it-yourself floor coating that is easy to clean and makes the garage look like a pit lane. We try it out.

We recently moved into a hall with our quads and MX mopeds that had been used industrially for years. Last as a warehouse. The floor is tiled, but has suffered badly. Once again it becomes clear: concrete, screed or tiles as flooring are neither functional nor attractive. Oil, grease and traces of abrasion can sometimes no longer be removed and make the floor look dirty. Like in our new domicile. After the thorough cleaning, we wanted to have an easy-to-maintain and resistant floor in the area of ​​the workbenches. “Bring it on” is one of them.

Lightly mixed, the varnish-like mass can be used by any do-it-yourselfer. Special knowledge in laying floor coverings or in painting and coating processes is not required. We easily apply the two-component coating based on modified polyurethane synthetic resins with the help of a squeegee included in the set.

The surface is then smoothed out with the roller that is also supplied. The floor coating then dries quickly and is seamless, hard-wearing, resistant to abrasion, scratches and impacts and can withstand loads of up to 50 tons. That should be enough for our sports vehicles.


The instructions for use leave no questions asked. We proceed according to this and we are making surprisingly fast progress. Accurate preparation by masking off the desired area is important. This should also be free of foreign bodies and protective particles, as these would otherwise be incorporated and harden. Since our floor has deep joints and rather dirty tiles, we apply “Bring it on” a little more generously at one point or another. You can literally observe how the mass seals the ground. Now is the time to be patient. The treated area can be entered again after four hours, and fully resilient after twelve.

The result is impressive. A work area has now been created in our hall that is extremely chemically resilient and in which small cracks in the floor are sealed at the same time. Chain grease, brake cleaner, air filter oil and other products that could get onto the floor when screwing or during maintenance are easy to wash off. Sweeping is very easy. The floor “feels” quite smooth, but it is not slippery. The tile from the tin, as advertised by the importer “Bring it on”, is convincing. If you want, you can also set visual highlights thanks to a diverse selection of colors, and for example pour stripes or patterns.


It does! The “DIY set” on offer contains everything you need for your floor. This makes it very easy to work like a professional – without any prior knowledge. The set is sufficient for 35 square meters, but under optimal conditions. Our area is 2.20 x 6.00 meters and required a little more “Bring it on” due to the heavy load. We used around two thirds of the set. All in all, thumbs up and bring it on when you need to spice up or renovate your garage.


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