The big anniversary comeback! The 10th edition of the international motorsport rally is breaking new ground

The Balkan Offroad Rally returns to the international motorsport scene after a two-year hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest off-road challenge on the Balkan Peninsula is also celebrating its 10th anniversary. And the rally will take place in a new host country on completely new terrain – after nine years in Bulgaria, this time the rally will take place in Romania, in the beautiful and mountainous region of Transylvania, and will see a big ‘Dracula’ edition. Actually, this is a return to the origins, since the first edition of the race in 2011 was also held in this country.

Romania has very good traditions in the field of motorsports and especially in the off-road field. The country offers fantastic terrain with big forests, open mountains, beautiful roads as well as incredible sections for extreme competitions. RBI Sport works in partnership with the local automobile and motorcycle associations which is a great support for the event. Compared to the Wroclaw Rally in Poland, participants in the Balkan Offroad can expect a completely different, three-dimensional and wild terrain that represents a really demanding challenge.
The jubilee edition of the Balkan Offroad Rally features five full days of rallying between September 25th and 30th, plus an additional day at the start for the ceremonial start and qualifying stage. Scrutineering and show start will take place in the beautiful city of Sighisoara, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the grand finale will take place in the historic city of Alba Iulia. These are the cities where the two camps of this year’s competition will take place.

As for the start, organizer Alex Kovatchev and his international organizing team from RBI Sport are prepared to welcome more than 120 race vehicles from all classes – motorcycles, quads, SSVs and cars. Traditionally, there will be three categories – Cross Country (all vehicles), Extreme (limited and open cars) and Discovery (all classes). The first category is not only about speed, but also about skillful navigation in the dynamic landscapes of Transylvania. The expected distance for the Cross Country is around 1400 km, of which more than 1000 will be raced against the clock. The Extreme category will feature a not so long, but also very difficult and demanding track, with tough sections in the mountains, rivers, swamps, etc. Finally, the Discovery category will meet some attractive sections of the rally, albeit without time pressure.

As usual, the participants come from different European countries – France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the host country Romania. This year even participants from the USA, Australia and South Africa are expected. Among the teams are some of the winners and veterans of the very first editions of the Balkan Offroad Rally. This will be an ultimate off-road adventure!


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