On March 27th and 28th, 2021, drivers of the Quad Team Tirol met for joint excursions in imperial weather.

The tour led past lakes and through forests in the Tyrolean lowlands, with the highlight of the Wildschönau. Through the well-known “Sauluegg” which is not paved and was still covered with foothills of winter.

Of course, a visit to Rattenberg (where the chairman of the association grew up) was a must. Everyone involved was looking forward to a refreshment at the Brauhaus Standl, where the landlord took care of the team under the current conditions.

The landlord and the mayor also made it possible for Mutsch and his crew to drive through the city with the machines on these days, which is not a matter of course.

New teammates, including the younger generation, were visibly enthusiastic about the days.

Mutsch and Mark, the front men of the team, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for the great start to the season and wish all colleagues an accident-free journey.

Text and photos: Quad Team Tirol


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