Tires, tires, tires – a key issue for ATV riders. Hardly any other part of the vehicle has so much influence on handling, driving pleasure and progress. That’s why we always stay on the ball and present you with suitable material. This time the Coyote by ITP, made for real cars.

The new Coyote will be marketed by the Carlstar Group, which owns the trademark rights to the popular ITP tires and rims. The folks behind Tennessee-based ITP have been in the off-road tire business since 1982, specifically for quads and ATVs, and of course UTVs as well for quite some time. They are proud of the latest deal with Polaris, whose RZR XP Turbo S was initially equipped with the new profile. “Our Coyote tire hasn’t just been tested and approved by top professional racers,” says Rhett Turpin, ITP Sales Director at the Carlstar Group. Rather, it is precisely the tire that also best satisfies the needs of everyday and hobby drivers. Okay, of course we wanted to know that and mounted a set of Coyotes on a CFMOTO CForce 1000. Not only because of the great look, we mounted the rubbers on alloy wheels from the same company. They are called twisters and corrected the unsprung masses somewhat downwards. Their design aesthetically showcases the forward motion on all four tires, offering a truly unique look with solid functionality. Regardless of where mounted, whether on the left or right, they have the same visual design.

The typical area of ​​application

The CForce is in use almost every day. When the weather is suitable, the ATV is used to drive to work, which in the case of our tester is around 40 kilometers. Tours are on the agenda at the weekend and the off-road park is visited as often as possible. Located in the Belgian Ardennes, it offers water crossings and forest trails criss-crossed by roots. Mainly stones and rocks. According to ITP exactly the terrain for the Coyote. But the product description goes a few steps further and the tire promises unsurpassed traction on hard ground, gravel and sandy terrain. So more or less an all-rounder?

Let’s take a closer look. The Coyote tire features unusual offset shoulder lugs and an innovative corner shoulder design. The sidewall offers improved puncture protection and lateral support. A generous contact area ensures a more even distribution of pressure and thus good stability. The improved response behavior when steering with the eight-layer model is striking. We start with the approach to work on asphalt. First of all, the low rolling noise is positive. The tire offers good traction on a dry surface, with sufficient grip even in corners and under heavy deceleration.

fun in the field

We’re surprised at how well the tires grip the well-worn rocks in the off-road park and also how much ground clearance they give our vehicle. With slightly lower air pressure, we were able to improve traction and grip again. The mentioned tire shoulder proves to be effective. The lateral support in ruts is really very good. On loose ground, our bolide stays on track and under control with well-dosed gas. With its 8-layer radial carcass, the Coyote absorbs stones, roots and other bumps and ensures a lot of driving comfort. Our test rider remains in control on the root carpet of a forest path. The tread blocks always find a surface to attack somehow and very quickly and thus help to maintain propulsion. Nothing smears away that easily. This is also evident in 4×2 mode. The ITP actually grips so well that drifts are harder to provoke than with the previous original CForce tires. The rims mentioned at the beginning, which do a good job in the combination with the Coyote, have a share in this experience.


Mixed use is possible without any problems. The eight layers make the Coyote very wear-resistant. We followed ITP’s recommendation and chose a high-displacement ATV with decent performance. We don’t recommend the tested combi for lighter ATVs because it’s quite heavy. In particular, the UTV drivers should be addressed, to whom we can also recommend these tires. Experience with the CFMOTO suggests that. Also the original equipment of the RZR with these profiles.

Text: Ralf Wilke, Maximilian Bickschäfer, Carlstar Group
Photos: Ralf Wilke, Frank Meyer, Ralf Bickschäfer


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