Hunters have a very great responsibility to bring the venison from the hunted game onto the market as perfect food.

If you want to break open your piece of game in the hunting ground, this is usually done lying on the ground. It is not always easy to observe the rules of venison hygiene. Heck-Pack now has a transportable solution up its sleeve, the Artemis break-out gallows. This can be set up in less than a minute in the area without tools using plug connections and dismantled just as quickly. Various stops are provided on the boom, which offer adjustment options to optimally feed game up to 150 kilograms. The device can be retrofitted to any of the well-known rear carriers or even without one, by mounting it on the trailer hitch with a quick-release fastener. This means that hunters who drive to the area by ATV can also rely on this support, because the load is supported on the ground, not on the trailer hitch or the rear carrier! Complete with all accessories, the system costs 349 euros without a rear carrier.



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