A revolutionary air filter cleaner that is not based on solvents, is simply washed out with warm water and can therefore be easily disposed of via the drain in the workshops!

There is not any? Yes, POW – Pro Offroad Wash – from Hermannsburg now has one. The new POW air filter cleaning concentrate was specially developed for use with off-road air filters and removes air filter oils and all dirt from all foam air filters effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly manner. The application couldn’t be easier: put 60 to 80 milliliters undiluted on the air filter and knead well. Then add a sip of hot water and continue kneading. In the third step, wash out with hot water. Ready. Particularly economical, no smell, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, not harmful to health, washable with water, no problems with disposal, no commitment to a special brand of oil. The cleaner washes out all conventional air filter oils and sprays. This makes the off-road fan extremely flexible and the air filter service environmentally friendly. Two liters of the concentrate cost 35.95 euros.



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